What are Preserved Flowers? Are they real flowers?

Preserved flowers, also known as eternal flowers, immortal flowers, or everlasting flowers, originated in France about 30 years ago and later became popular in Japan. In the late 1980’s, a French company (Vermont), in conjunction with two famous universities in Germany and Belgium, carried out a 10-year study on the preservation of fresh flowers and finally got patented in 1998 for its unique method of preserving roses and other flowers.

This technology is revolutionary because the preserved flowers are real flowers that are preserved with their original fresh appearance and softness and can last for months and even years.

Some may question the process of preserving flowers can release harmful chemicals. This has happened to companies who concentrated on profits only and used heavy industrial chemicals to “make flowers last” and in reality, these companies’ flowers would only last for a few months. At La Petite Fleur, the wellbeing of our customers is on top of our list. We only use premium floral materials mainly coming from Japan, Columbia and Ecuador. The solutions and colorants from these companies are the same as those used in food and textile manufacturing; therefore, they are non-toxic and harmless.

What is the difference between Preserved Flowers and Dried Flowers?

Dried Flowers can simply be understood as "dry plants". The dehydrated petals and leaves are harden with wrinkles and faded color, thus reveal the retro style. This is also the reason why the dried flowers will break and fall when you touch them. The making method of dried flowers is also quite simple, for example, the air-drying method and flower drying crystals. The preserved flowers can last for few months to about a year.

Compared with the dried flowers, the biggest advantage of preserved flowers is that they retain the softness of a flower and look almost the same as fresh flowers but can appear more attractive than them. The production process of preserved flowers is very complicated and requires professional skills, yet there is no limit to the choice of flower colors. Besides, making preserved flowers is also an invention patent. If the flowers are properly preserved, they can last for at least a year, and with proper care, some may last for 10+ years.

Why does Preserved Flower cost more than real flowers?

Preserved flowers are 100% natural flowers. They are made with a unique process of dehydration, decolorization, coloring, and drying to retain their original softness, shape, and luster. Each step is calculated and carried out precisely depending on the region’s temperature and environment. Each flower looks natural and fresh. The process of preservation, as well as the “after preservation embellishment”, are very technical and specialized. Due to the quality requirements, time consumed, and complicated production procedures, it is very normal that preserved flowers costs are higher than fresh flowers. But remember, preserved flowers do not need sunlight or water, and it can last for a long time.

What are the benefits of Preserved Flowers?

  • Shelf life. Preserved Flowers are natural and real flowers that last for at least 1 year and up to 10+ years. Compared to fresh cut flowers that will end up in the trash after 1 week or two and that they require water, sun and flower food, preserved flowers don’t need any other those and save on energy, water and maintenance. Hence, preserved flowers are eco-friendly.
  • In the procedure of processing a preserved flower, the pollen is also removed and hence, is like angel’s music in people who suffer from pollen allergies. (Note that if bouquet has dried flowers, there would still be pollens involved).
  • Saving memories. Imagine you can save your bridal bouquet and re-visit the feeling of your wedding day. The long-lasting memory is a plus with preserved flowers.
  • Theme customization: professional floral design and make gifts according to your need. Preserved flowers can be your favorite flower that is not in season. Preserved flower can be a bouquet, flower box, flower photo frame, and other innovative packaging forms. What's more, it can also be customized for various holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.

How should I care for my Preserved Flowers?

No maintenance is required for our preserved flowers! However, it’s best to store them in a dry and cool environment, avoiding direct sunlight and water. The best environment for preserved flowers: Humidity of 40%-70%; Temperature of 4℃-30℃. If dust collects on the flowers, simply use a small brush (like a clean make up brush) or gently blow the dust away from a distance using lots of precaution. If there is condensation in the glass cover, remove it and gently wipe with a sanitizer or Isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth on the inside and out.

Would my product look exactly the same as shown in pictures?

As each flower art is handcrafted and flowers can have various of forms of nature, the floral art you get is going to be made uniquely just for you and is one and only. As much as we try to have each piece similar, we still want to maintain the nature of art and admire each masterpiece as its sole beauty.

Do you have greeting cards?

Yes, we do! All our floral gifts come along with a complimentary 3.5" x 2.5" greeting card. 

You may input your message before you check out on our website. In case you forgot, you could also email us as long as the flowers are not delivered yet.

Another option, you may consider checking out our add-on Handmade Floral Greeting Cards designed by our founder Mama Jess.  

How do I place a custom order?

Simply email us with the details and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.