Our Story

La Petite Fleur Story

La Petite Fleur was started by our founder Mama Jess. Mama Jess has suffered from flower allergies for over 15 years. On her fourth Mother’s Day, Mama Jess’ husband wanted to give her flowers (again) but knowing that she could not stand the pollen for more than 5 minutes he had given up on the thought of giving her flowers. Mama Jess, like any other women, would have really loved her appreciation of being a hardworking mother and receiving the flower of love. So, she started her journey of researching. And she found that there’s something called Preserved Flowers which has low to no pollen contents. Excited like a newborn baby who just discovered the magic of light, she went ahead and tried to learn where to purchase this, and even better, the technology behind this! And that’s when she found there’s very low supply of good quality preserved flowers in Canada. Then she contacted Japan, which has the largest and one of the most advanced preserved flower technology and skills, and started taking actual courses from her master Moon, whom was one of the first honored students of the Great Master of Japan Ange Preserved Flower Design INT Association, since they share common language background. There were many early 4:30am dedication in taking the courses overseas. Backed with Mama Jess’ interior design background, her newest baby, La Petite Fleur was born. From that day on, despite all the hardship that Mama Jess has endured in her life including losing her parents at a young age, her vision ofcreating beauty and bringing nature to potential allergy sufferers is turning into a reality.
Mama Jess is certified preserved floral designer with Ange Preserved Flower Design INT Association in Japan (aka A.P.F. Association).

Each piece of flower art is designed and handcrafted with love and blessings. Mama Jess strives to create life changing gift experience using flowers to spread happiness, appreciation, express empathy and love.

Preserved Flower Story

According to Legend, there was a deeply in love couple who were about to split up due to a war breakout. The boy must go to war for his hometown. But they both knew that the chance to survive this war is slim. The poor little couple had to say their farewell in tears. Right before he left, the boy picked a stem of rose from the garden and gave to his girl. Then he told her, “When the last petal of this rose fell, it would time for you to forget about me and more on.”
The girl was buried in tears as she put the rose in a vase with water. She then prayed to God everyday sincerely for his safe return.
Days have gone by and only terrible news had come back. But there was still no news for her boy. The rose slowly lost its moisture, color and was no longer pretty and fresh. The fragrance was fading and the rose was dying. However, the surprising thing was that none of the rose pedals had fallen off.
Finally in the following dawn, the boy, limping in his scars, exhausted but excited, came back in front of the girl in his triumph. As a result, the story of the lovers being favored by the god of luck passed down.

Preserved Flower Techniques

“That’s the reason I don’t buy flowers for her”, a boy said once, “because they only last a week or so and that gets costly every time I buy flowers for her.”
We’ve heard this many times from the boys and husbands and even from anyone who enjoys fresh flowers. The traditional way of cut flowers is not only wasteful, it’s also harmful for the environment and sometimes creates uncontrollable allergies for the receivers. But what if you could buy cut flowers that last for years and their pollens are removed?
Yes, you can indeed. As this has become a concern for many, the technique of preserving flowers was born in France about 30 years ago and embraced even further in Japan. This innovation is not only eco-friendly and also beautiful to look at as if they were fresh.
At La Petite Fleur, you also get a chance to encounter the floral arrangement of preserved flowers as a relaxing and therapeutic experience. And after all, you still get to keep your floral creation which can last over 2-3 years.