Discover your team's creativity and develop their confidence with our fun team building workshop!

An inspiring and collaborative workshop that provides a unique
opportunity for groups to support each other as they put together their individual
creations. Each member of your group will create and keep their individual arrangement of long-lasting preserved flowers. 

Our workshops are customized to meet the needs of the client. Our objective is to encourage and develop creativity, intuition, team building, collaboration, thinking outside the box and right brain activity. In fact, the personal bonds formed between team members actually give your company a competitive edge. That's why at La Petite Fleur, we offer an exclusive floral experience for your team members to earn a sense of fulfilment with their very own hands.

Minimum participants: 6 people

Corporate Workshop starting from: $79/person 
Event can be arranged via Zoom Meeting or in-person. Please contact us to inquire.