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No experience required. 

What is Floral Therapy?

When words are hard to express, creating an artwork could be an incredible way to convey your emotions and to de-stress.

Floral Therapy is a form of Art Therapy. It encourages the use of artistic approaches to help relief anxiety, stress and enhance mental health. Through a creative process, the individual is engaging a physical, emotional, and intellectual connection with a floral artwork as a reflection of the subconscious mind.  No floral talent or artistic skills are required to fully benefit from floral therapy. At La Petite Fleur, floral therapy is carried out as an informal practice to explore your emotions and develop self awareness and to cope with any stressful events you are going through. In creating floral art, people are able to focus on their own perceptions, imagination, and feelings. And through flowers, a special bond with the hearts is established to express one’s inner world.


How do I get it?

1. Choose your floral kit
2. Book an appointment roughly 2-3 weeks from today to allow your box to arrive.
3. Your session will be conducted viz Zoom. You will receive a Zoom link to access.
4. Enjoy your session.
5. If you have to change your schedule, feel free to email me at Thank you. Look forward to seeing you!

How does Floral Therapy work at La Petite Fleur?

At La Petite Fleur, we currently offer online 1-on-1 floral workshop to accommodate Covid and Convenience at the mean time. You are required to order a Floral Kit before your make the appointment. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for shipping time for your floral kit to arrive.

During an Workshop appointment, your floral designer will walk you through some basic concepts of your creation. Feel free to talk or keep quiet. You will have the ability to set the tone of your appointment. Our goal is to help you relax and let go of any negative emotions while building a masterpiece of your own.

What’s included in my Floral Therapy Workshop session?

Included in the Floral Therapy Workshop is:

  • Basic Preserved Flower Floral Techniques
  • Time to relax and express yourself freely
  • An oracle card reading session
  • An informal life coaching session
  • Relaxing background music

Why do I create this workshop?

As an introvert and the only child, I grew up always feeling a little different than other kids. And as life progress, many unwelcome incidents have happened and built up more sorrow in my life. So I can relate to many of you out there who’s been experiencing a feeling of “not belong anywhere” and a feeling of “crowding misery”. It’s not easy to talk each heavy step on your own. And I want to be there to walk with you even just for a brief floral time together. As I am not clinically trained as a counsellor, your session (and charges) is solely based on the floral materials. My role is not to analyze your situation but rather to translate your feelings through your masterpiece.

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